About Bar 86 Clothing - Made in Montana Ranch & Rodeo Wear

BAR 86, Leave Your Mark

We can’t be certain of when it started, but horses have written our history. My family had hopes of raising their own quarter horses and fought to make that dream a reality. While designing the brand that would be burned into their herd, they wanted something original that left a mark representing their hard work. The brand BAR (over) 86 was forged and defined as setting the bar high and eliminating* everything else.

In the creation of our company, we continue to honor the legacy of hard work and strive to be the best at what we do. The BAR 86 brand represents long hours of dedication, practice, and training it takes to be our best. We offer high quality clothing that will keep you looking great in and outside of the arena.

Thank you for your support of ranch and rodeo life and the BAR 86 brand.

Sarah Wold - Owner BAR 86

*Las Vegas, during the late 20's/early 30's, was heavily influenced by the Mafia. During this time, if there was a problem, they took that problem eight miles into the deserts of Nevada and buried it six feet deep, creating the phrase "eightysixed" and defining it as elimination.